5 Reasons to Waterproof Your Elevator Pit

Waterproof Your Elevator Pit

As a building owner, you are responsible for the upkeep of your building’s elevator pits. One of the dangers to be aware of is the fact that water damage could render your elevators inoperable at any time. The truth is that no one can predict when these problems will happen. Thankfully, you can have peace of mind by waterproofing your elevator pits. Here are five reasons to waterproof your elevator pits immediately! Waterproof your elevator pit

1) Waterproofing Helps To Prevent Leaks

Water can enter your elevator pit through the elevator shaft or the concrete due to hydrostatic pressure. Waterproofing the concrete helps to prevent water from entering your elevator pit due to hydrostatic pressure. It works well because it creates a barrier between the pit walls and the surrounding environment. This is a very effective strategy for preventing water from entering your elevator pit and causing damage to your equipment.

Because this barrier is the first line of defense and may degrade or become damaged over time, it is critical to have your coating maintained in order to keep your elevator pit adequately covered. By using this specialized crystalline coating, you will protect your facility from costly water damage and eliminate disturbances caused by water leaking into your elevator system.

2) Waterproofing Extends The Life Of Your Elevator

When it comes to elevators, it is critical to keep the mechanics in your elevator pit dry. Moisture accelerates corrosion, rot, and damage to important wiring and mechanisms that your elevator runs on. You will find yourselves prematurely replacing your elevator’s safety devices, hydraulic and gas buffers, moving cables, and much more simply because moisture found its way into your elevator pit.

Waterproofing your elevator pit keeps moisture out and reduces rust and corrosion on the mechanical components. Because your components will not need to be replaced as frequently, you will save thousands of dollars on repairs and your elevator will have less downtime.

3) Waterproofing Protects Your Investment

Commercial elevators in most office and retail spaces are normally paid per landing. Each elevator can cost between $50,000 and $100,000 per landing to install, not including the costs of operation and maintenance. Elevators in larger structures, such as those reaching several stories in height, are much more expensive. You may know exactly how much you paid for your own elevators, especially if there are additional installation requirements due to the age of the building or power supply requirements. You have already made a significant investment in your elevators, waterproofing will help ensure that water won’t take them out of service!

4) Waterproofing Increases The Resale Value Of Your Property

Potential buyers are put off by a neglected elevator, but a well-maintained elevator is a big selling point. You will be able to brag about your lower operating costs and downtime. A waterproofed pit demonstrates to your buyer that you have taken the time to attend to the small details. Your prospective buyers will be relieved to know that they will not be required to pay for pricey repairs or maintenance after purchasing the property.

5) Waterproofing Provides A Safer Environment For Your Tenants And Visitors

Did you know that the average elevator travels 10,000 times per year, making it prone to wear and tear? If left unchecked, water in your elevator pit can cause havoc on your elevator’s cables, pulleys, and motors. As a result, service disruptions and failures occur. These accidents can put your tenants and guests in unpleasant, even dangerous situations, such as entrapment and people falling as a result of the elevator abruptly stopping. We understand that keeping your tenants and visitors safe in your building is a top priority, and you undoubtedly want to avoid costly repair costs and damaging lawsuits as well.

Waterproofing your elevator pit helps protect it from water damage and keeps it working smoothly from the bottom. This not only keeps your renters and guests safe, but it also saves you money in the long term. Investing in elevator pit protection is an unquantifiable investment in the safety and well-being of everyone who uses it.

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Waterproof Your Elevator Pit

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Waterproof your elevator pit

Waterproof your elevator pit

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