Pytt Service LLC is a veteran-owned family business specializing in waterproofing elevator pits, maintaining elevator sump pumps, and installing elevator pit accessories in and around Austin, Texas.

Your elevator technicians cannot maintain the equipment in the bottom of your elevator pit unless it is clean and free of water, and even regular elevator service maintenance does not include the maintenance of your elevator sump pump. That is where we come in!

With fifteen years of experience in the mechanical and engineering field, we know what it takes to keep your equipment in the elevator shaft running.

We believe that great customer service is key to success. That’s why we always do our best to meet or exceed expectations by offering reliable and timely service at competitive rates. We understand that every building is unique so we offer customized solutions based on your needs and budget.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Pytt can help protect your building please contact us at info@pyttservice.com or by phone at 737-296-8617.

These are examples of the condition of a typical elevator pit. If you have an elevator, you probably have a dirty pit! We will make it better than new!

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Pytt technicians will access your elevator pit without the need for an additional elevator technician to stand by and give us access. This will save you thousands of dollars. Your local plumber does not have the tools nor expertise to safely access your elevator pit to conduct his work, leaving you to pay for two vendors. Pytt seeks to bridge this gap and offer the best prices around.

Pytt’s goal is to make building owners, property managers, and building engineers more aware of what is going on underneath your elevators. This area is often left unchecked and neglected. Pytt helps you understand your elevator pit cleaning and waterproofing needs, upgrades and installs hoistway accessories, and provides much-needed services for maintaining and replacing sump pumps. 

We provide a custom solution so that everyone can be happy with the outcome of their project. Our favorite part about working in this field is seeing how happy people are when their job is done correctly; it makes us feel like we’ve done our job well.

Our experience in this industry has allowed us to build strong relationships with our clients. Would you like to see what is going on in your pit? Call us!

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Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Water in your building from broken pipes, flooding, or faulty structural foundations will always flow to the lowest point in the building -- your elevator pit. This water damages critical components in your elevator, leaving your tenants and employees to deal with extended elevator down times. Help eliminate elevator downtime and damage with professional crystalline waterproofing.

Elevator Sump Pumps

Your elevator pit comes with its own sump pump. Many of these pumps are not used, maintained, or tested for years as it is not a component that is serviced by your elevator technician. The end result? Your building floods, your pump has seized due to lack of care, and you have to call in an elevator technician to stand-by while a plumber does just enough to get the sump pump functioning. We know how to access your elevator pit. We will inspect, replace, and maintain your sump pump for your peace of mind.

Elevator Pit Water Removal

Water inside your elevator pit is detrimental to your entire elevator system. Instead of dealing with the headache of shopping for an elevator technician, a plumber, and a water removal service, Pytt handles every aspect of the job saving you thousands of dollars. We will remove the water from the elevator pit, respecting environmental regulations, and offer our additional services to help prevent future flooding.

Elevator Pit Cleaning

Water, dust, grime, insects, and other contaminants will corrode and gum up the critical components inside your elevator pit. This causes more issues with your elevator and makes it harder for elevator technicians to perform their maintenance on these components. Cleaning your elevator pit helps your technician to do his job more effectively, increasing the longevity of your elevator system.

Elevator Hoist Way Accessories

If you want to upgrade the lighting in your elevator pit or add new features to your elevator hoist way, we offer a variety of options so that you can get the most out of your elevator system.

Elevator Pit Painting

Go the extra mile and make it easier than ever for your elevator technician to do his job. A painted elevator pit is easier to maintain and keep clean than an unpainted elevator pit. Not only is this a highly functional upgrade, but this is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Technician

Kevin comes to the table having fifteen years of experience with high-level machinery, beginning as an Engineman in the US Navy, where he was responsible for the diesel engines used for ship propulsion and electrical power generation. In the civilian world, he has accrued nearly a decade of expertise in the elevator industry providing installation, maintenance, troubleshooting & inspection services, and emergency response; there is no task too big or small that Kevin cannot handle efficiently.

Kevin has the practical working knowledge under his belt necessary to know what it takes for an elevator to run at peak performance levels. He also has the unique perspective of an elevator technician, understanding in depth what details help your technicians to do their jobs, and minimize downtime and liability issues. You can rest assured that he will take care of everything from routine inspection duties all the way to major repairs if needed. Building rapport with customers alongside Colossians 3:23 – Kevin does his part in making sure everyone walks away satisfied.

Kevin Harris


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