Full-Service Pit Restoration

In this remarkable project, we transformed an elevator pit into a pristine, functional space that significantly improved the lives of residents in a retirement home. By addressing the root cause of water intrusion and undertaking a pit overhaul, we restored not only the elevator's reliability but also the residents' access to essential services. It's a testament to our commitment to elevating lives through our elevator services.

In this project, we were tasked with revitalizing the pit of the primary elevator of a 26-year-old retirement home building. The elevator in this building was the lifeline for its elderly residents, yet it had been repeatedly going out of service due to a critical issue – excessive water infiltration. The situation had become so bad that the fire service equipment within the elevator pit had become submerged, leading the fire marshal to shut down the elevator for safety reasons.

The repercussions of the elevator’s continuous downtime were profound. Residents on the top floor faced immense challenges in navigating the building, missing meals, and even staying indoors for extended periods during the elevator’s month-long outages. Meals had to be delivered to them, and their overall quality of life was significantly compromised.

Our team swiftly took action, beginning with a thorough assessment of the elevator pit. We meticulously pumped out the accumulated water, conducted a deep clean to remove rust and oil buildup, and carefully removed a failed waterproofing membrane. Given the sensitive environment of a retirement home, we ensured that our work was carried out at appropriate noise levels, during suitable hours, and with effective filtration.

Once the pit was prepared, we identified the source of water intrusion, sealed it, and applied our 5-step waterproofing solution to fortify the elevator pit against future issues. Our finishing touches left the elevator pit in impeccable condition, impressing even the technicians from the elevator company responsible for the elevator’s maintenance. This project was not just about restoring an elevator pit; it was about giving the tenants of this building their quality of life back.

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"I just wanted to share with everyone the AMAZING job that was done by PYTT Service. Kevin and his wife took a great amount of pride doing great work that will last for a very long time. Thank you Kevin and Stephanie!"
J. C.
Director of Operations

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