Waterproofing & Sump Pump Upgrade

This waterproofing and sump pump upgrade project exemplifies our commitment to delivering effective, long-lasting solutions for elevator pit challenges. With expertise and dedication, we rescued an owner who had grown tired of dealing with persistent issues, providing her with the peace of mind she needed. This project is a testament to our ability to turn elevator pit problems into reliable, hassle-free solutions.

In the case of this waterproofing and sump pump upgrade project, we were called in to rescue an owner who had grown weary of persistent elevator pit issues. The elevator pit had previously undergone waterproofing, but unfortunately, the previous treatment had failed, leaving the owner frustrated with ongoing challenges. Determined to provide a lasting solution, the owner reached out to us for assistance, and we were more than ready to step in.

Our dedicated team sprang into action, starting with the essential task of pumping out the accumulated water and meticulously cleaning the pit. To ensure a durable and effective solution, we implemented a robust waterproofing process, sealing every potential source of water intrusion. Furthermore, we addressed the root of the problem by upgrading the failed sump pump to a compliant elevator sump pump, designed to efficiently handle water removal.

The result of our efforts left the owner not only relieved but genuinely appreciative of our services. By saving her from the recurring troubles of the elevator pit, we not only improved the reliability of the elevator system but also provided her with the peace of mind she had long been seeking.

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"I am so excited to have this bane in my existence taken care of!"
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