Beware Of Your Building’s Hidden Fire Hazard

If an area is out of sight, it’s probably out of mind. Elevator pits fill up with all kinds of debris, including industrial waste from the elevator system or building, as well as trash from your average passenger, creating a hidden fire hazard.
Secret Fire Hazard

Getting into an elevator is sometimes a race against the elevator door. In all of the hustle and bustle, it’s not uncommon for loose change, an AirPod, or another personal item to slip through the cracks as you pass over the threshold. Oops! Into the elevator pit it goes! We’ve just added to the hidden fire hazard.

Is it gone forever?

Depending on the state of your elevator pit, those AirPods might be under water now. However, if the elevator pit is not full of water, your gadget has now made a new home atop a pile of trash, dust, coins, hydraulic fluid, and grease that have also found their way to the bottom of the elevator pit. This debris builds up over time, leading to the hidden fire hazard

This garbage accumulation interferes with the mechanics of the elevator system, and depending on what industrial substances find their way into the bottom of the pit, can cause dangerous chemical reactions. Because this area is out of sight and out of mind, it is easy to forget about the potential kindling in this area of your building.

Does my elevator service technician clean the elevator pit?

You may be thinking, “The guys I pay to fix my elevator are supposed to take care of that, right?” With a decade of elevator service experience under our belts, we can honestly say that while your service technician is supposed to inspect the mechanics in the pit, they do not have the time to give your elevator pit a proper deep clean. In fact, depending on how wet, dim, and dirty your elevator pit is, it may be too dangerous for your elevator technician to go into the pit to begin with. 

Keeping your elevator pit clean helps your elevator service technician to do his job safely and more thoroughly. When he can do his job well, your elevator will experience less downtime overall. A clean elevator pit is a bonus for everyone involved!

How do I get rid of this hidden fire hazard?

All you have to do is call Pytt, your elevator pit technicians! We will inspect your elevator pit, and then remove any water, trash, grease, rust, and other debris that have built up over time.

If your pit is full of water, we will suggest waterproofing your elevator pit before finally giving your pit a paint finish. The end result will be an elevator pit that is easy to keep clean going forward. If you’d like for us to maintain your elevator pit on an ongoing basis, we do that too.


P.S. If you drop your AirPods into your pit, you can also call us to get them out for you.

Hidden Fire Hazard
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