Stephanie Harris

Owner-Operator, United States Air Force Veteran

Stephanie is an owner-operator of Pytt Service, where she serves as the driving force behind the company’s office and operations. Her journey began in the United States Air Force, where she trained as a services specialist, focusing on service operations for the military. Through her military experience, Stephanie gained firsthand insights into the importance of preserving individuals’ humanity, a factor that notably boosted morale in challenging situations and instilled a deeper sense of purpose within her squadron.

Having observed the skilled and hardworking individuals in the trades being exploited by corporate giants, Stephanie was motivated to make a difference. Instead of following the conventional path of running another elevator company, she envisioned Pytt Service as a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and employee well-being. Stephanie’s dedication to creating a workplace that values employees’ time and allows them to enjoy the important aspects of life is at the core of Pytt Service’s mission.

Stephanie continues to carry the Air Force’s core values close to her heart and integrates them into her business ethos: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. With her experience, commitment to fairness, and determination to make a positive impact, Stephanie is leading Pytt Service in reshaping the elevator maintenance industry with a focus on transparency, integrity, and customer-centric service.